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Mr G. P. Hinduja
Mr J. S. Sangar
Mrs. Jasbir Vohra



Dr. Daljit .K Maudgil

Resham.S. Sandhu MBE,DL,FRSA



Lord Rami Ranger CBE

Vice Chairmen:
Hardyal S Luther
Joginder S. Vig


Amarjit S. Dassan


Vice Presidents:

Surinder S. Aujla

Surjit S. Pandher
Jasbir S. Johal


General Secretary:

Dr. Sukhbir S.Kapoor, OBE

Joint Secretary:
Dr. Peter S. Chadha

Finance Secretary:

Hardip Singh



Satbir S. Bakshi

Social Secretary:
Parshotam S. Dhillon

Interfait & Charities Secretary:
Ravel S. Ahuja

Education Secretary:

Mr.Pritpal Singh

Fund raising Secretaries:
John Athwal
Anant Sra
Harbhajan Dhillon

Press Release

The British Sikh Association celebrated Vaisakhi by honouring Judge Sir Mota Singh QC with the Pride of the Sikh Community Award. Over 300 guests attended this glittering event along with The Shadow Justice Secretary, the Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve, Baroness Verma, the Shadow Minister for Children, Schools & Families, Mr Asif Ibrahim, Minister Coordination at India House, Mrs Monika Mohta, Director Nehru Centre, Mr Dolar Popat, Hindu Forum Britain and Chairman of the Punjab National Bank, Mr KR Kamath.

The General Secretary, Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor welcomed the guests and reminded everyone of the green fields and splendour of Punjab and the love stories of Heer -Ranjah, Sassi-Pannu and Mirza- Shaiba. Most importantly the creation of the Brotherhood of Khalsa by the 10th Guru, Gobind Singh Ji which changed the fate of everyone for good.

The President, Mr. TS Sahni described how Guru Gobind Singh Ji turned the oppressed into saint soldiers by embedding qualities of compassion, righteousness and courage. Guru Gobind Singh Ji turned the meek into lions (Singhs).
The saint soldiers became the defenders of human rights of every Indian regardless of race or religion. The creation of the Brotherhood of Khalsa changed the course of Indian history for ever. People all over the world celebrate this happy occasion to pay tribute and to renew their commitment to the teachings of Gobind Singh Ji who sacrificed his entire family for us to enjoy the glow of freedom and the right to practice one’s own faith.

The Chairman, Dr. Rami Ranger MBE welcomed everyone and said that the very fact we are celebrating Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s vision demonstrates that we are a free and liberated community. The 10th Guru, Gobind Singh Ji, knew that if people are suppressed either by the state or religion, then they could not develop wholesomely and as a result would not be able to contribute much to society. He fought against the tyranny and injustices of the then Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, who wrongly wanted to control people in the name of religion. Guru Ji felt that controlling people would make them behave like obedient servants unable to think freely to benefit society as a whole. He paid supreme sacrifices for our freedom and made us assets for India and beyond.

He praised Hon. Judge Sir Mota Singh Ji who, in line with the teachings of our Gurus, has become a role model and an inspiration to everyone. He was the first turbaned Sikh Judge in Britain and never had his judgment challenged in the higher courts. Her Majesty the Queen has graciously conferred a Knighthood upon him and made him Sir for his outstanding services to his profession. The British Sikh Association was delighted to present him with the “Pride of Sikh Community” award for bringing honour to India. The Award was presented by Mrs Monika Mohta, Director Nehru Centre London on behalf of the Indian Community.

Mr. Asif Ibrahim, Minister Coordination at the High Commission of India praised Sir Mota for his exemplary life and felt he has done both India and Britain proud with his achievements. He further praised India’s secular and democratic constitution. He said many feared India would break up soon after Independence due to its diversity. In fact India has not only remained united but also has become stronger in the world.

Baroness Verma praised the contribution of Indians in Britain and asked them to be more publicly and politically spirited. Britain is our country and we must take part in the decision making process. She praised Sir Mota for receiving the Knighthood and now the Pride of the Sikh Community Award.

The Guest of Honour the Rt. Hon Dominic Grieve, Shadow Justice Secretary praised the contribution of the Punjabi Community in Britain. He said that he was proud of the fact that a lot of Punjabis have moved in to his constituency of Beaconsfield. He further said some of his closest friends are Punjabi. He particularly enjoys the Punjabi cuisine and Bhangra beat.

Judge Sir Mota Singh QC thanked the Executive Committee of the British Sikh Association for putting on a splendid show. He jokingly said he always wanted to make his wife a Lady and now that he is a knight she will be called a Lady. Sir Mota thanked the community and Britain for giving him so much love and honour. He praised the British sense of tolerance and fair play and as a result he could contribute to the Nation unhindered.

The Vote of Thanks was given by the Vice Chairman Mr Hardyal Singh Luther, who praised the management and staff of the Days Hotel, Ruislip for making superb arrangements and providing scrumptious food. He thanked the artist of Asli Bahara Punjab Dian for providing Bhangra dances. He also thanked the TV channel, Sony, B4U, Zee TV, Venus TV and MATV for their services of sharing the celebration with people around the world. He also thanked the Executive Committee for working hard and paying a befitting tribute to our Gurus.

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Guest being entertained with Bhangra by Asli Bahara Punjab Dian.

Guests enjoying the function

The General Secretary, Dr. S.S. Kapoor welcoming the guests.

The President of the BSA, Mr T.S. Sahni making a keynote speech

Chairman, Dr. Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA addressing the guests.

Mrs. Monika Mohta, Director Nehru Centre, London presenting
“The Pride of Sikh Award” to Judge Sir Mota Singh QC

Mr Asif Ibrahim. Minister Coordination at High Commission of India.

Baroness Sandip Verma, Shadow Minister for Children,
Schools & Families addressing the guests

The Shadow Justice Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve
addressing the guests.

The Chairman of the Punjab National Bank, Mr KR Kamath

The Vice Chairman, Mr. Hardyal Luther giving a Vote of Thanks.