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Leader of the Council,
Ealing Council.
London W5


The proposal to change the name of Havelock Road to Guru Nanak Road

I am pleased to learn that the Gurdwara Sri Singh Sabha, Southall has requested the Council that the name of Havelock Road be changed to Guru Nanak Road to mark the 551st Birth Anniversary of the Sikh Prophet, Guru Nanak in November 2020. He founded the 5th largest religion in the world. The British Sikh Association would like to lend their support wholeheartedly and hope the Council will consider the request favourably in the light of the following facts.

The world is going through an unprecedented time due to the Cronaviorus pandemic. Everyone is suffering in one way or the other. Many have lost their loved ones, and many have lost their livelihood. I dare say, our world will never be the same again. I have watched your messages posted on social media with interest, and I thank you for keeping us posted from time to time.

During this period of gloom and doom, one faith community has emerged as showing care and concern for the weak and vulnerable in our society regardless of religion. It is the same community which helped defend world freedom in both the great wars fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Brits and distinguished themselves with loyalty and valour. It is worth remembering though they were less than 2% of the Indian population, they made over 20% of the million-strong Indian soldiers who came to defend King and Empire twice in the last century. The Sikh Regiment was the most decorated in the British Empire and won more Victoria Crosses per capita than anyone else.

The Sikh community has received worldwide recognition and commendations for offering free food to those affected by the COVID 19. The Sikh volunteers have been delivering food door to door to those who are too frail to look after themselves.

The community follows the teachings of the founder of their faith, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He started the tradition of offering free food and shelter to those in need some 500 years ago, and I am pleased it continues to date. Sikh Gurdwaras provide free food to some six million people daily and help alleviate immense sufferings and hardship for as many million people.

Guru Nanak was the first against the caste system. He said that God was the creator of us all, and as a result, He has created us equal regardless. He was the first against religious intolerance. First, to incorporate teachings of every faith in the Granth Sahib (Sikhs Holy Book) as a mark of respect to them. First, against rituals and outdated practices. He said that obsession with God would make us focus far too much on the creator and less on our worldly duties and responsibilities towards His creations like the family, work and helping others who are less fortunate in society. First, to seek the welfare of the whole of humankind. He included in the Sikh prayer the welfare for the entire humanity. First, to provide food and shelter to anyone who walked through the doors of a Sikh Gurdwara. It is also on record that Guru Nanak dedicated his life for social reforms and the uplift of humanity and above all, for human freedom.

Sikhs worldwide numbering 30 million will be celebrating their Prophet Guru Nanak Devís Birth Anniversary in November 2020, and it will be a befitting tribute by the people of Ealing and Southall to recognise this noble soul, an apostle of humanity. I sincerely hope that the Council will consider the request of a community which always punches above its weight for the humankind. We will, of course, bear any cost incurred by the Council to help us in our endeavour.

Thank you.

Lord Rami Ranger CBE